Preparing small businesses for big business

The ICT SMME Chamber

The ICT SMME Chamber helps the small business sector to find resources on a variety of operational, statutory compliance, policy and legislative matters. The ICT SMME Chamber is one of the five Chambers comprising the National ICT Forum. The ICT BBBEE Council was appointed in September and is a creature of statute. It followed the appointment of the by Minister, Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services, Dr Siyabonga Cwele in May 2015.

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Industry Collaborations

The ICT SMME Chamber, with reference to the ideals of the ICT national Forum, the ICT BBBEE Charter Codes, the Procurement and Transformation Laws of the country, is positioned to facilitate collaboration between and among ICT industry players to achieve a quantum scale once we put all our effort together.

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The Chamber assists SMMEs with pertinent information on local and international exhibitions. Visiting business executives from the continent who are looking for buying or selling opportunities contact the ICT SMME Chamber to facilitate contact with local small businesses.

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Legal Services

As part of its services the ICT SMME Chamber is committed to ensuring that small businessmen and businesswomen in the ICTs have their legal rights protected. To achieve this the Chamber provides comprehensive legal assistance to deserving ICT SMMEs

We Are Here for You

The ICT Chamber organises and implements its work and programmes in working groups. Each working group is overseen by a head which ensures that its full programme is pursued to its conclusion. We embrace corporate and business principles in our approach, including our organisational structure, applying the corporate governance and business policies.

Business Development

Enterprise and Skills Development

Ombudsman and Litigation

The 4th IR and Innovation

Entrepreneurship: Women and Youth

SMME Franchising

Our Commitment to You

The Chamber champions economic transformation in favour of the ICT SMME sector by cooperating with the broader ICT industry stakeholders.

 We drive SMME ownership, skills development and Enterprise Supplier Development plans, promote markets and the ability for SMMEs to operate in the full value chain. We define the ICT sector as comprising of telecommunications, the electronics manufacture, Information Technology (IT), video and audio broadcasting as it’s constituent sub-sectors.

For its own viability, the ICT SMME Chamber offers a suite of boutique advisory and counselling services to the small business entrepreneur on the one hand and business (public and private sector) on the other. Assist serving the converged South African information communication technologies sector since 2016. The ICT SMME Chamber operates through 8 working groups (WGs) that fulfil various functional and service objectives for and on behalf of the Chamber.

Through the wide-ranging SMME sector organisations, the Chamber has built working groups to fulfil in creating a strong network of a highly adept intelligent workforce that can help a company achieve their mission-critical projects and goals. Keeping pace with projects and being on the lookout for extremely talented individuals has become ever more challenging. This is where the Chamber brings in our own practitioners to advise and assist client companies. The Chamber consultants -drawn from our working groups (WGs) boast many years of experience in multifaceted work environments across the ICTS. We are confident of the collective experience that our consultants bring onto client Projects from various backgrounds.

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