Chamber Membership

Our mission is to unashamedly advocate for the transformation of the economy by opening it to SMMEs.

The ICT SMME Chamber is a representative body for small business enterprises who apply their trade within South Africa’s ICT sector. We are about transforming the ICT sector by advocating for inclusivity in the sector.

We focus primarily on national, regional and international SMME issues that affect the small business in one way or the other.

As the organiser of ICT SMMEs, the Chamber assists members in writing and making policy or regulatory submissions, planning and preparing responses to tenders, engaging and negotiating with third-party stakeholder, all for the benefit of our members specifically and the general ICT SMME sector.

Members benefit from one or any number of the Chamber services, products and projects. These include access to market, networking opportunities, Research sharing and Knowledge exchange, Seminars and roundtables, enterprise skills and development opportunities, hackathons and Masterclasses, just to mention a few.

Entrepreneurs are also encouraged to participate in either developing or implementing the Chamber programmes and projects under the auspices of the Chamber, of course. This work is undertaken and overseen by task teams and workgroups, each with a Head and some with committees. 

Key task teams and workgroups of the Chamber are organised around Policy and Regulatory, Research and Knowledge Exchange, ESD Workgroup, the WOAN, the ICT SMME Business Efficacy Measure Tool (BEM-T), the Networks Build Task Team, Funding and Treasury, etc. It is a condition of memberships that everyone must be active and serve in one of the committees, task teams, workgroups or ad hoc committees of the Chamber.

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Why join the ICT SMME Chamber?

The ICT SMME Chamber fulfils an essential role of canvassing and communicating the position of small businesses in the ICT sector on any pertinent issue. It is not easy for individual entrepreneurs to represent themselves. It, therefore, makes sense that ICT SMMEs should join the Chamber and enjoy the benefit of being represented where they would otherwise not be.

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Membership Benefits

The ICT SMME Chamber exists to achieve the following:

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