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The ICT SMME Chamber is an astute NGO that plays a critical role in engaging with government and other ICT stakeholders, and in lobbying government on behalf of the ICT small businessman and woman on all matters of ICT SMME development and ICT sector transformation.

Our Partners

The Operations of the ICT SMME Chamber

"The Chamber subscribes to the principles and the dictates of the National ICT Council..."

For functional and organisational purposes, the ICT Chamber subscribes to the principles and the dictates of the National ICT Council. The Chamber is a registered not-for-profit organisation (NPO) and plans and executes its various work-plans through Working Groups.

The collective efforts of these work-plans must ultimately deliver the Mission of the Chamber which is to support SMMEs through better coordination of government efforts through its various agencies, development finance institutions, the public sector and private incubators. The ICT SMME Chamber subscribes to the B-BBEE ICT Sector and is a subset of the ICT BBB-EE Sector Council. 

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A Word From the Chairman

The ICT SMME Chamber (NPO) advocates for an open and inclusive ICT economy that welcomes small business entrepreneurs, solution innovators, sole practitioners and application developers as part of the business community.

The Chamber lobbies government, the public and private sector for the creation of space for small business. Business is duty-bound to creating profitable and sustainable partnerships with small business for the attainment of their own sustainability and profitability.

The Chamber drives various programs throughout the year that collectively deliver these relationships of collaborative coexistence for all the stakeholders in the ICTs between and among government, public sector, private sector and the ICT SMMEs themselves.

Muzi Makhaye

Executive Chairperson

Our Services

The ICT SMME Chamber helps the small business sector find resources on a variety of operational, statutory compliance, policy and legislative matters.
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Industry Collaborations

The ICT SMME Chamber, with reference to the ideals of the ICT national Forum, the ICT BBBEE Charter Codes, the Procurement and Transformation Laws of the country, is positioned to facilitate collaboration between and among ICT industry players to achieve a quantum scale once we put all our effort together.

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The Chamber assists SMMEs with pertinent information on local and international exhibitions. Visiting business executives from the continent who are looking for buying or selling opportunities contact the ICT SMME Chamber to facilitate contact with local small businesses.

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Legal Services

As part of its services, the ICT SMME Chamber is committed to ensuring that small businessmen and businesswomen in the ICTs have their legal rights protected. To achieve this, the Chamber provides comprehensive legal assistance to deserving ICT SMMEs.