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The ICT SMME Chamber is an astute NGO that plays a critical role in engaging with government and other ICT stakeholders, and in lobbying government on behalf of the ICT small businessman and woman on all matters of ICT SMME development and ICT sector transformation.

Our Partners

The Operations of the ICT SMME Chamber

"The Chamber subscribes to the principles and the dictates of the National ICT Council..."

For functional and organisational purposes, the ICT Chamber subscribes to the principles and the dictates of the National ICT Council. The Chamber is a registered not-for-profit organisation (NPO) and plans and executes its various work-plans through Working Groups and Task Teams.

The collective efforts of these work-plans must ultimately deliver the Mission of the Chamber which is to support SMMEs through better coordination of government efforts through its various agencies, development finance institutions, the public sector and private incubators. The ICT SMME Chamber subscribes to the B-BBEE ICT Sector and is a subset of the ICT BBB-EE Sector Council. 

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A Word From the Chairman

On 17 May, this year, we said #HelloAgainAfrica as we joined the world in observing and celebrating the World Telecommunication and Information Society (WTISD 2021). Congratulations and thank you immensely to all the partners who supported the ICT Chamber humble endeavour of ensuring that, for a second year running, we stand together in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and celebrate the WTISD. A sincere word of gratitude to all.

For details on the WTISD 2021, please visit https://wtisd.ictchamber.org.za/.

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This year’s theme, “Accelerating Digital Transformation in challenging times” challenged us all to converge in our various forums and platforms to determine successes and challenges we, each, faced in accelerating transformation during the pandemic. In January 2021, the ITU Secretary General, Mr Haolin Zhao, invited everyone including the ICT industry, governments, civic organisations and or individual citizens to each contribute their unique perspective/s and share their experiences, based on the WTISD2021 theme. Certainly, Regulators would have their own story to tell! That is how co-creation begins.

Plans for hosting WTISD 2022 are already afoot. We hope to coordinate with countries from the eight African regional economic communities (RECs), as per the ATU. Next year, partner countries shall organize their own country-specific celebrations and stream their celebrations on our platform, amongst others. These countries shall co-host the 2022 event with us using our much improved and strength-tested platform.

We invite ideas and inputs on how best we can deliver #WITSID2022 to be emailed to wtisd2022@ictchamber.org.za

See you at #WTISD2022

Muzi Makhaye

Executive Chairperson

Our Services

The ICT SMME Chamber helps the small business sector find resources on a variety of operational, statutory compliance, policy and legislative matters.
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Industry Collaborations

The ICT SMME Chamber, with reference to the ideals of the ICT national Forum, the ICT BBBEE Charter Codes, the Procurement and Transformation Laws of the country, is positioned to facilitate collaboration between and among ICT industry players to achieve a quantum scale once we put all our effort together.

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The Chamber assists SMMEs with pertinent information on local and international exhibitions. Visiting business executives from the continent who are looking for buying or selling opportunities contact the ICT SMME Chamber to facilitate contact with local small businesses.

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Legal Services

As part of its services, the ICT SMME Chamber is committed to ensuring that small businessmen and businesswomen in the ICTs have their legal rights protected. To achieve this, the Chamber provides comprehensive legal assistance to deserving ICT SMMEs.